Wednesday, 27 November 2019

This weeks learning

´pay attention it´s a celebration´ 
 .RWI- sound of the week ´tion´

station          attention       celebration      invitation
creation        instruction     fraction           location

Can you think of anymore tion words? (This does not need to be handed in)

. Using commas in a list

. Solving addition problems

.Statistics- recording  and reading tables.


Please look over your spellings from this half term

Friday, 22 November 2019


New targets will be given next week! Please keep working on your current target at home to secure understanding!


This week the only paper copy homework to be handed in will be the spellings.
Please could you help your child learn their lines for their Christmas show.

You can help them by:

Reading the line before theirs, so they know when their queue is. Can they say their lines without their script and just using their queue?


We have continued to look at fractions in maths. Have another look at this game:

Focus on level 2 + 3

Monday, 18 November 2019

This week

This week our sound is ´ce´

Here are some words with this sound: pace, bounce, dance and prance.

Can the children create any alien words using this sound?
 (This does not need to be handed in)


We have started to look at fractions and understanding what the word equals means. Tomorrow we will look at fractions  closer, understanding the terms numerator and denominator, showing a half, 1 quarter and 3 quarters.

Follow this link to have extra practise:


Please remember that the targets given are ongoing. These will change at a minimum 2 weeks, as in class we are also checking their targets.


Today the children were given their scripts for the show. At the top of their script they have their part. Please practice your child´s lines with them at home. The scripts need to be in school every day as we will be rehearsing for our show at various points.

Costume letters will be sent out soon, please do not buy anything until these letters have been given to you.

I have told the children that they can bring in a USB if they want me to put the songs on their stick so that they can practice the songs at home. There is no set date for this- they can bring me them at any point.

Friday, 8 November 2019


Today all children were given a maths target. This target is for them to work on until they are confident. If they complete any extra work towards their target please put it in their homework folder.

There is not a set day for the target to be completed. Once they have reached their target, they will move onto a new target.

If you have any questions about this, please ask me by email or at school.

Have a fantastic weekend.

Miss Bushnell  

Thursday, 7 November 2019

Image result for welcome back
After a fantastic first half term as Year 2´s, the children have begun the second term positive, happy and ready to learn.
This week we have continued our learning on measurement focusing on capacity.
Follow this link to continue practising reading and interpreting jugs.

Antarctica… our new topic this half term is Antarctica. We have begun looking at the difference in temperatures, the clothing we would have to wear and the types of materials we would need to keep ourselves warm.
Next week I will introduce the children to Ernest Shackleton.

 RWI we have been recapping the ´kn´ sound.
Recap words with ´kn´ sound at the beginning. How many words can they think of?

Gentle reminder:

  • Library books need to be changed every Thursday
  • Oxford Reading Tree books to be changed every Monday/Thursday
As the children have been doing extremely well with their spelling quizzes I will be giving the children 10 spellings to learn each week rather than 6.
Tomorrow I will give the children a clear folder for them to put their homework in.
Now that the children have completed their first assessments I will be giving them targets to work on. These targets will either be English or maths targets. Their targets will be in their homework folder and any extra work they are given will also be placed in this folder.

Reading meeting