Monday, 30 September 2019

Picture for sentences

Image result for creative writing picture year 2 stimulus

Think about where they are? What are they doing? Are they searching for somebody?

Use the picture and see if you can create your own two sentences about what you can see. Remember to use capital letters and full stops.

Friday, 27 September 2019


Spelling focus: wh sound
Our new sound this week was wh. The children have been practising the wh sound and applying it different tasks: word searches, using wh words in sentences.

The spellings this week are words with the wh sound. Can you spot any wh words in your reading books? Make a list of them. 

Please remember the three red words (these are words that are trickier to sound out) are not included in Friday´s quiz but are useful for the children to learn.

In our writing we have been focusing on using capital letters and full stops.

If you want extra practice, follow the links bellow.

Capital letters:

 Full stops:
Can you create 3 sentences about the following picture? Focus on using capital letters and full stops. Remember this is optional. 


This week we have looked closely at place value (hundreds, tens and ones) and ordering numbers from smallest to largest.

All children have been given an ordering numbers question sheet. They must order the numbers from smallest to largest. Remember this is optional.

A gentle reminder...

This is just a gentle reminder of the days where books/ homework/ spellings need to be handed in.

Monday- Reading books changed

Thursday- Library books and reading books (if your child has finished their books) changed. Any homework handed in.

Friday- Spelling book to be brought in.

If you have any questions, please do not doubt in emailing me.

Thursday, 26 September 2019

Weekly timetable

Above is a copy of the timetable of the week. Please note this timetable may change!

Friday, 20 September 2019


Revisiting the a_e sound.

 We have been revisiting the a_e sound in class. The children are able to read this sound but now should apply it in their writing.  The spellings this week will focus on this sound.

Once you have had a go at learning your spellings, try choosing two of the words from your spelling list and see if you can use them in a sentence.

I have also added three red words to the spelling list (these are words that are trickier to sound out). These won´t be included in the Friday quiz, but are useful for the children to learn.


Active learn:

The active learn usernames are the same as last year, however please email me if your username or password does not work and I will reset these for you.

Library books:

Your child will take home a library book of their choice to read each Thursday. They must return it for the following Thursday to be changed and place it in the reading box outside of the year 2 classroom ready to be changed.

Homework box:

From next week there will be a homework box on the table outside of the Year 2 classroom for the children to put any completed homework.

Wednesday, 18 September 2019

Spelling quiz on Friday

Just a gentle reminder that the children will have a spelling quiz on Friday. This is not something that the children should be worried about.

Please remember that this quiz will be written, so if they are learning these at home, can they spell the word orally? and written?

Image result for spelling pictures kids

Properties of materials

Above are some ways in which you can describe different materials. Can you find any objects at home that you can describe in this way?

Reading meeting