Friday, 27 September 2019


Spelling focus: wh sound
Our new sound this week was wh. The children have been practising the wh sound and applying it different tasks: word searches, using wh words in sentences.

The spellings this week are words with the wh sound. Can you spot any wh words in your reading books? Make a list of them. 

Please remember the three red words (these are words that are trickier to sound out) are not included in Friday´s quiz but are useful for the children to learn.

In our writing we have been focusing on using capital letters and full stops.

If you want extra practice, follow the links bellow.

Capital letters:

 Full stops:
Can you create 3 sentences about the following picture? Focus on using capital letters and full stops. Remember this is optional. 


This week we have looked closely at place value (hundreds, tens and ones) and ordering numbers from smallest to largest.

All children have been given an ordering numbers question sheet. They must order the numbers from smallest to largest. Remember this is optional.

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