Friday, 4 October 2019

This week...

Spelling focus: au sound
Our new sound this week was au.
The spellings this week are words with the au sound.
Please remember the three red words (these are words that are trickier to sound out) are not included in Friday´s quiz but are useful for the children to learn.
We are starting to look at letter writing. For next Thursday, please write at least 5 interesting facts about yourself.
This week we have looked at addition and missing addition problems! The children have worked extremely hard.
Take a look at the following addition games. This will help your children to increase their speed and confidence with their addition.
Have a go at the following problems:
  1.     11 + …. = 27
  2.     22 + …. = 35
  3.     …. + 6 = 14
Look closely at your tens and ones. You can use a number line to count on.
For question number 3…
. You can take away 6 from 14.
. count on from 6 until you get to 14.

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