Friday, 13 September 2019

Homework this week

This weeks homework!

Today the children have been given their spelling lists ready to learn for next week´s spelling quiz!


Their English homework this week is to learn these spellings and use them in context.
Each child has been given a snakes and ladders game to play to learn their spellings. Once they have learnt them and are confident with those spellings, they should try to use the words in a sentence- this can be completed orally or written in their spelling books.


From next week I will be uploading games and activity onto Active Learn. Next week I will provide all the children with their usernames and passwords to access these games.

This week: Number facts game. Again, these questions can be completed orally with an adult, or written down.

1. I am thinking of a number. It is an odd number between 10 and 30. The two digits of my number add up to 5. The difference between the two digits of my number is 1,

What is my number?

2. I am thinking of a number. It is an even number. It is in the 2 and the 4 times table (a multiple) and is between 10 and 30. If I add two numbers together that are the same they will make my number.

What is my number?

3. I am thinking of a number. It is an odd number. It is in the 5 times table (a multiple) and if you split this number into tens and ones and add them together, they make 10.

What is my number?

Challenge: Try to create your own ´ I am thinking of a number game´. Bring your facts into school and we will try to guess your number!

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