Friday, 14 February 2020

In maths we have started to learn to tell the time. Telling the time can be a tricky skill for children, so it is important that they are always practising when they can.
We have focused on telling the time to the hour, half past the hour, quarter to the hour and quarter past on an analogue clock.  Today we began to read the time in intervals of 5 minutes.
 For example: 11:05, 11:25, 11:35 and so on.
  • Say it: 5 minutes past 11
                  25 minutes past 11
                  25 minutes to 11
Please work on this at home with your child to reinforce their learning in school. We will be focusing on this this week and next week.
Please continue to work with your children on the sounds below ensuring they are confident with the sounds and the rhymes:
This week we haven´t had any RWI lessons, however we have been recapping our sounds. This is due to having our half termly assessments. These assessments are nothing to worry about and children do not need to revise. It is for us to monitor your child´s progress.
In our writing classes this week, we will continue to work on our persuasive writing.
OPTIONAL EXTRA TASK (remember you can hand this in on Friday)

Write three positive sentences that will persuade me to go to visit this theme park!
Some ways to start:
. Come now…
. You won´t believe it…
. Don´t miss out…
Homework this week:
This week your child will bring home maths homework, a reading comprehension, 2 library books.
They won´t have a spelling list, however I would like them to revisit all the spellings that they have had since January. It is important that they are learning these spellings and are applying them to their writing, not just learning them for the quiz.

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