Wednesday, 19 February 2020

This week


 In maths we have continued working on time. This is something that the children will need to continuously work on until they are confident. Below are some games that they can play online to reinforce this learning and will be so beneficial to your child. Please only focus on:
. on the hour
. half past the hour
. quarter past and quarter to the hour
. 5 minute intervals

Today I will be giving the children multiplication and division speed quizzes. This is nothing to worry about, it just helps us to see how your children are getting on with their multiplication and divisions and helps them to reinforce their learning. These quizzes will be sent home so you can keep track too!


I am extremely proud of all of Year 2 this week. Yesterday we edited and improved our persuasive sentences. They have worked so hard to produce some lovely work.

Reading: please ensure that your child is reading aloud to you at home. At school we listen to your child read, but it is important that they are reading regularly at home too to help them with their fluency and understanding of texts.

This week´s sound is the long ´ea´. One way of spelling the long /e/ sound is using the letters ea. You can practise spelling the long e sound . The rhyme is cup of tea.

As I have mentioned before, spellzone is a fantastic way for children to learn their spellings, if you haven´t had a look already, follow the link! For some of the games you have to subscribe, but it will help your child with their spellings!

In topic this week we have been learning about Europe, looking carefully at the map of Europe and countries. We have been starting to focus on the landmarks in certain countries.

Optional homework
How many European landmarks can you find online? Create a poster to present to the class and put up on the wall!

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